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Add accommodation unit

Add accommodation unit
Rules for adding accommodation units.
  • Web address must be that of the registered location.
  • Email must be of the registered location.
  • Before filling in the form, check if the accommodation unit is already registered.
  • If you want to make changes, use the contact form to get in touch with us. You don`t have to enter the data again.
  • Do not complete the form fields using CAPITAL LETTERS only.
  • You must upload at least 3 photos.
Failure to comply with these rules leads to the deletion of the accommodation unit.
Thank you for understanding.
General information
location, surroundings, sights, number of rooms, floors, etc...
Other information
Contact info
Room amenities
Interval, with/without breakfast, etc...
Some tips for uploading photos
  • Optimize the photo so that it has maximum 8 MB
  • Any larger picture may result in the unit`s registration process being blocked and the loss of the information entered above
  • It is recommended to upload photos taken both in summer and winter (where applicable)
  • After selecting the pictures and pressing the "Add unit" button, wait for the confirmation message
  • Attention:
    • To validate the accommodation unit you must upload at least 3 photos
    • Images that are copyrighted or contain links to other sites will be removed

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